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Explore the world of Celtic and Norse Witchcraft and Folklore.

Wouldst thou like to live deliciously?

This has been my personal intention when it comes to being a witch.  Perhaps you are here because you covet the same?

My name is Carly Rose. I have a love for storytelling and keeping the old ways alive, peppered throughout episodes you will often hear retellings of ancient folklore alongside some of my own written tales.

I am a witch who has lived in urban areas, by the sea and more recently relocated to the depths of the countryside which has influenced my practice with each location. I frequently discuss hedge witchcraft through an in-depth look at herbs and trees, their magickal associations and how you might wish to work with them within your craft, no matter where you reside.

The craft has changed my life in ways I could never have expected, I am sure it has for you too. If you are ready fellow witch, wouldst thou like to listen and see where this takes you on your own crooked path…

‘Sometimes, we need the ancient voices of stories and community to weave us back into life’

-Women who run with the Wolves, Clarissa Pinkola Estes  

The Podcast

Join me on The White Witch Podcast where I explore Celtic and Norse witchcraft and folklore, sabbbaths, deities, shamanism, hedge witchcraft, self-development, shadow work and intentions. I delve into deep rabbit holes to research as much as I can in relation to each episode’s topic, leaning towards the macabre to match my gothic witchy heart!

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I create zines that cover the wheel of the year, deities, folklore, divination, kitchen witchery, spell and ritual work, all my zines are packed full of illustrations. I ship these out across the world. Below are available to purchase via my Etsy store. Click on a thumbnail for more information. (Links open in new window)

The White Witch's Book of Healing

Shining a light on navigating the dark night of the soul, deconstructs shadow work, soul loss and soul revival, inner child work and reparenting yourself, shamanic journeying and deciphers working with deities and ancestors within your practice. My book The White Witch’s Book of Healing is available now on Amazon.

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I understood at a very early age that in Nature,
  I felt everything I should feel in church but never did.
 Walking in the woods,
  I felt in touch with the universe,
  and with the spirit of the universe

- Alice Walker